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Original Title: Only Fools and Horses
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: BBC One
Creators: John Sullivan
Language: English
Description: In different cultures of ancient times there was an odd tradition to bring beautiful girls as a sacrifice to the gods. So cruel way our superstitious ancestors by the ruthless Council of priests hoped to propitiate the most high rulers and beg harvest, extraction, heat or, say, rain in a drought. The Eastern lands, where South Korea is now, were no exception. The unfortunate girls, who were unlucky enough to be born beauties at an extremely inopportune moment in a bad place, here also suffered from superstitions and ancient cruelty, going under the crying of relatives and ritual chants for slaughter, like biblical lambs. The Korean God of water, Habek, was also sacrificed beauties, although he did not ask anyone about it, moreover he did not want to, because he was an extremely peaceful, kind ruler, although he was quite narcissistic and frivolous small. Unfortunate beauties were killed for the sake of his divine favor only in those days when the God who was fond of any prank staggered about the Affairs and forgot about the preparing victim.years, centuries and millennia Passed. In the heavens, the transcendent worlds inhabited by immortal higher beings, and not the earth was created all sorts of drama, tragedy and revolution, replaced by the generation and by 2017 there was not a single person who would seriously think about the river God. He is. And arrived in our world on a super important task. Model appearance Korean women can sleep peacefully, they are not in danger, because Ha Back keeps in mind a different agenda. For him it's dramatic it's time to occupy the Supreme post in the sky, replacing the tired chief Lord. To do this, the divine adventurer must collect a couple of relics and get to know humanity. br>to Help the alien in this mission And required From, an ancestor who has promised to serve as a buck for all subsequent generations. The intrigue is that the woman works as the psychiatrist, the inveterate atheist, the skeptic and in General considers the new patient mentally unhealthy guy, but not the Lord of water and a rain. As if these dramatic collisions were not enough, other deities climbed to the ground, each with its own purpose. Be fun.

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